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20.05 We have begun to restore and renew the altar; and have already finished covering half of the refectory part. From the very beginning of the spring we are also taking care of the territory around the temple and the cemetery near it. We have nearly finished the works on the walls of the refectory part.

10.05 Nearly all the Bright Week we were serving the Divine Liturgy and performing the religious procession. On Radonitsa Day we were praying about the diseased; and on the victory Day the Dirge (requiem) was officiated on the common grave of the Mogutovo village cemetery.

28.04 Solemnly and spiritually-gaily we've met the Day of the Holy Easter. All our friendly parishioners were present on the Easter night. That Service probably has left the best memories in peoples' souls.

12.04 After the Annunciation we are plastering and painting the lower part of the temple, basically continuing the work of the last autumn.

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Dear brothers and sisters!

Welcome to saint Sergiy Radonezhsky church site! The church was built at the end of the 17th century, but during the last sixty years it has been subject to serious destruction. You can make yourself familiar with the contemporary appearance of the church in our photo gallery. The history of our church and its description taken from documents of the 19th century, you can find here.You can order forty day's prayers for the health or dead to be held in our church, by ways of transferring an amount you can afford through one of the here below described methods.

We turn to you with the request to help (within your powers) to rebuild the Sergiy Radonezhsky church. How you can help is described below. Our parish prays every Divine Service for the well being and health of all our beneficiaries.

With respect and gratitude,

Senior celibate priest Makariy (Maksimov)

Questions to the priest

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    unification of the Russian people like the Jewish people have?

What should we do with the willows and birches after Palm
    Sunday and Whitsuntide
? Answer

Church address:

143315, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk area, PO Afanasovka, village Mogutovo, Church of saint Sergiy Radonezhsky. Phone: +7 234 3-68-40, +7 095 744-43-76,

By car: after 72 km. on the Kievskogo Shosse, after the sign turn to the town Naro-Fominsk, the first turn to the left till you reach the village Mogutovo (you will drive through the village Afanasovka).     By train: from the Kievskij station to the Bekasovo stop, where you transfer and ride till the Matsichino stop. From the station it is about 3km on foot to the village of Mogutovo.

You can make your donation using Western Union. Write us and we'll send you required personal information.  May God save you.

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